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There is no compromise with brake safety and we are specialists in this segment. We use all leading manufacturers, Delphi Lockheed, Mintex, Lucas, Brake Engineering and ATE and all our brake work is fully guaranteed for 12 months or 12000 miles.

Just stop and think for a minute - what other product do you know that is no bigger than the size of your hand, and that's required to come in contact with a metal disc spinning at 2000 rpm, cope with a rise in temperature of around 300°C and stop a vehicle that weighs well over 1000 kilograms, in a matter of metres? Not just once, but literally thousands of times during its life.

Consider this - a piece of metal, about the size of a dinner plate, revolving at over 2000 rpm, and frequently subjected to friction creating temperatures of over 300°C; strong enough to stop a vehicle of over 1000 kilograms, not just once or twice, but again and again; many thousands of times during its life (without cracking or shattering). It's a piece of metal your life depends on. That's special!

Check your braking system - it may save your life!

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